Sunday, May 2, 2010

73 Things in 730 Days

Recently there have been many things flowing around our lives.  Lily turned one marking a milestone in our lives.  She celebrated a birthday I celebrating surviving.  I recently turned 29 which means that next year is 30.  These two things seems to be rocking my thoughts and therefore my world.  
Recently a good friend asked why it was that I was having such a difficult time with 30.  I didn't really have an answer.  I don't want to say that I haven't done anything with my life as I have a wonderful Husband, two beautiful Children and a business that I am passionate about.  I have great friends a sense of community and connections in my life.  So why am I so freaked out and worried about 30?
After some thought I think what I realized is that I really have no idea WHO I am and it is this aspect that I find difficult.  Don't you think that by 30 I should have some idea of who I am.  I was recently introduced to the Happiness Project, in which the author keeps reminder herself to "Be Gretchen".  So I too thought that I should remind myself to "Be Jamie".  What I realized was that I had no idea what that meant.
So inspired by Lindsey Alyce I decided to make a list of things that JAMIE wanted to do/try/experience.  So I make a list of 73 things to do in the next 730 days.  This will bring me up to the end of my 30th year.   I am hoping that by then maybe I will have a clearer picture or idea of what Be Jamie means.

73 in 730 Days

1. Learn to slow down
2. Plant a beautiful Flower garden
3. Celebrate our 5 year anniversary with a special trip
4. Go on a big family trip
5. establish a yoga practice
6. learn to meditate
7. have a booth at one of a kind
8. bake bread from scratch
9. have another baby
10. plant tulips 
11. see the northern lights
12. lay beneath a night sky full of stars, holds Paul’s hand and know true love
13. learn to listen
14. have breakfast in bed
15. cleanse my body
16. run a 1/2 marathon
17. learn a new art form
18. learn to bake pastry from my grandmother (no secret recipe it is the one on the tenderflake box)
19. pass on my craft to someone
20. go to a spa for the weekend
21. learn to juice
22. learn to wet felt.
23. make clothes for Sam and Lily
24. go to the French River 
25. help a friend give birth
26. enjoy running (I've come to the conclusion no one likes running while they are doing it, it is only after when you feel great! )
27. teach sam to ride a bike
28. learn to make cake stands
29. paint
30. create a sacred space in our room
31. learn to dance
32. learn to spin 
33. knit something for everyone I love
34. make sourdough bread
35. have a 30th birthday bash (edit Mar. 2011 ~ or at least have a great night with the boys)
36. learn to love my body by 30. ( lose that last 15 pounds)
37. write
38. watch Sam’s first hockey game
39. grow LOTS of vegetables.
40. walk Sam to his first day of school.  Let go and trust
41 make Sam and Lily quilts for their beds.
42. Find a recipe book I love
43. Have a pool party and invite everyone we know!
44. Learn to accept relationships
45. watch t.v less (it is my vice, I am learning to accept that! )
46. get a really amazing haircut
47. create family traditions 
48. show someone compassion
49. try to be more eco and earth friendly
50. use cloth mama pads
51. eat more healthy foods.
52. do the tree walking
53. take sam sledding
54. pay off the last of silly debt
55. watch Gone with the Wind
56. read a classic
57. play at the beach
58. take the kids to centre island
59. see whales
60. sprout some grains
61. publish something
62. make a rag rug
63. make home made ravioli
64. make pasta sauce
65. make soap
66. expand vegetable garden
67. buy a great piece of art
68. take a photo of an unforgettable moment
69. blow up a picture of mine and put it on the wall
70. teach Paul to dive
71. buy a new car
72. Redo the garden, make this feel like our home
73. capture all of this

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apples&honey said...

A great list and something I relate to as I turn 30 at the end of June this year!
I am not sure how it will affect me though.
Off to explore the Happiness Project!