Monday, August 31, 2009

Ah.....The Weekend

The first harvest from our little garden that could

Working in the studio, there was more hand painting than bowl painting

Sunday was a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He was more upset that there was no one playing hockey and where was he going to be playing. We spent a lot of time in the interactive section :)

Here are a few late summer weekend moments. We are enjoying the last few days of summer. The mornings are cool and the smell of fall is in the air. We are not ready to say good buy to summer just yet so we are enjoying our days in the sunlight. The fall marks Sam's third birthday and I am for sure not ready for that so we are playing our days away still two.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Tent

Every other Friday I go to a group which is called Red Tent. It is run through the chiropractic clinic that I go to Foster Family Chiropractic. A group of women meet to talk about all the things that are involved in being a woman. These range from being a mother, wife, and goddess of the planet. We talk about the alternative things are going on like vaccines, the foods we eat and the energy that we putting out there into the world. It is a group of like minded women supporting each other as we pass through the different stages of our lives. We all have children and so we talk a lot about these issues. It is great to know that there are other women out there thinking and making the same choices and struggling through them as well.
The group for the summer has been meeting at the park instead of at the clinic. This has been great as we are outside all morning and there are large naps in the afternoon. I am sure that the other mom's coming to the park think who is that large group of woman that all roll in and lay out their blankets, put out their kids and yank out the knitting projects (not all of us knit, but there are a few of us that don't go far from the needles. ) The kids all play together, we all keep our eyes on each others kids and we enjoy a mornings talking with adults. Which is the most important part. While Sam is very articulate for his age he just can't carry a conversation like friends. This is a time that I look forward too and get excited when I wake and think it is a Red Tent Friday! (The name is from the book Red Tent, which I highly recommend reading!)
On another note my artist interview is over on Apples for Poppy Anne. I am so excited to be a part of what Erin is doing over there. She is an inspiration to Mom's and Artists. Be sure to check out the interview and the other crazy and inspiring things she is doing over there

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I just got back from my fourth run. Yes I have decided after MUCH talking and not a lot of actual running that I would get back into it. It was a long process to get here as I had to wrap my mind around doing it again. One aspect was that I had just had Lily and so I am only 5 months post labour and pregnancy and wasn't too sure about getting out there and exercising again. Two I hadn't done it since University which was quite some time ago, and at the time I was running to run away from something while now I don't. This one was hard for me to understand and overcome. At the time I was doing the Learn to Run program through the Running Room and was in University and looking for a reason to leave the house the the person that I was with and the person that I was. So I learned to run in this mindset. So I was unsure how I was going to run again in a different space.

A good friend of mine started running and she also has just had a little babe, so I thought I would join her as I too had been thinking about it for some time. There have been many mornings in which I would wake up and think I should get out of bed and go for a run, but instead I would snuggle in with the babe and Paul and enjoy the warmth. Other times I would think about going out for a run but make granola and cookies instead.
I knew that I just had to get that first one in and then I would be in the movement to start again. While away this past weekend I did it and went the first time and I am hooked again. I am loving the way in which I feel and I am enjoying that I am loving my body again as well.

I want to make sure that I am healthy to set an example for my little girl. I want her to know that being healthy and feeling good is more important the the number on the scale and the size on your pants. Reading Erin's post a while back made me realize that I am not the only one thinking this way and it brings me comfort to know that if we all start thinking this way that there may be hope out there for our little girls.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Enjoying the Summer Moments

Here is a moment from our summer. The nights are getting cooler which is an indicator that summer is at it's final moments. We are enjoying every last one. We are in the pool at every chance we get and are getting our fill of sunshine.

Soon the harvest will be ready and we will be readying ourselves for the cold months ahead (here in Canada you are never sure how long the cold weather will last) Food will be stores, the pool will be closed and the warm blankets and winter knitting will come out.

But for now we are soaking up every moment of summer left.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Vacation

This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend away in Prince Edward County. It was a much needed time away from the studio, the house and all the obligations. No dishes, no chores, no errands. It was an amazing time relaxing, knitting and being with the kids. Paul is away at the French River on a fishing trip, it is the longest time that Paul and I have been apart in a very long time and I am anticipating his return.

Lots of long walks in the sunrises and sunsets
Blueberry picking: It was my first time and it was amazing!
The view from the hill top is amazing. Makes you stop and take a moment to enjoy the second in time.
Good food, drinks and knitting. What else does one Mama need on a vacation?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Begins with Color: Thoughtfulness

This week we are challenged to look for thoughtfulness in our daily lives.  What have others done to touch you and show that they care.  

After this weekends event my brother and Paul decided that the studio needed to be reorganized and remodeled.  There was a trip to the lumber store and some careful planning and I know have  a new studio that is cleaner and organized.  I was done there last night creating and the space has a renewed sense of creativity.  Even my brother who hasn't sat at the wheel for months was creating!  

Their thoughtfulness to renew my space and therefore my creativity meant the world to me. 

Before : After

Before : After

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Grand Opening Event

This weekend was the Grand Opening Sale for the studio.  We moved from outside the city into Newmarket last fall.  Since then I have been getting organized, growing babies and then having said Baby.  Therefore this summer was the the big launch of the studio here in town.  

We had an Open House as well as an artisan sale with a couple of my friends who are also making leap into embracing their art.  I had done a bunch of advertising as well walking (with the whole entourage of kids and Uncles) the flyers around the neighbourhood.  While not many people came the newspaper did come and did and interview and took pictures.  This will be in next months edition and I am hoping that this will bring lots of interest into the studio.  However, the overall day didn't feel successful.  We didn't make many sales and come of my friends made none.  

We try and come with all the things that make us feel better like it was the hottest weekend of the summer so far and so maybe people went away, it was too hot to come out and the Garlic Festival was the same weekend.  Then we talk about not advertising enough and all the things that we could have done differently.  Who knows if any of this would have made a difference.  

After a day like that we of course start to question if what we are doing is the right thing and whether we should just pack it up and go get jobs at the local Starbucks (I've always wanted to work in a cafe, I love coffee culture). After packing everything up and taking the much needed swim in the pool I come to check my e-mail.  There are two e-mails that remind me that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do.   One is from the downtown Yarn Shop Unwind (where I wholesale my yarn bowls) and she has asked me to be a part of the fall festival and wants me to bring my wheel and do pottery in the middle of main street!!  Isn't this every artists dream to stop traffic and do their craft in the middle of the street.  This opportunity would be amazing, the buzz that the studio would create would be amazing.  I am on the path to becoming "That Potter".  Then I receive and e-mail from my Dad who came for the weekend to help with the show and drop a much needed freezer off.  He said how amazed he was at what I am doing, that he knew I was a potter but that he never really saw what I was doing and creating.  That he was proud of the artist and mother that I was becoming.  This e-mail meant the world to me (things haven't always been that great between my Dad and I).

I think as artists there is always this moment every once and a while in which we think is this worth it?  Would it just be easier to pack it up and say we tried and go and get a regular pay check.  The big question we then have to ask afterwards is would we be happy?  Would our families be happy?  And how are we living true to ourselves?  I can always find reasons to pack it up but I can never answer the questions afterwards.  

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Every morning this week Sam has been asking to get his knitting needles and knit just like Mommy.   I tired to show him finger knitting but he wanted to use the needles just like me.  I couldn't convince him otherwise.  He of course got bored and the yarn turned into a laso and he played for hours with the yarn in his own way.   I keep getting caught up in trying to make sure that we do lots of crafty things as well as making memorable moments along the way.  I should just be ok. with what happens each and everyday with what he is given.  

Monday, August 10, 2009

It Begins with Colour

Erin has encouraged us to look for red this week.  So here is a little boy in a red canoe with a red truck in the background!   This is what we do on a very rainy weekend, hangout indoors.  Then go to the place place to get the sillies out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Right Now I Am.....

Loving: The children that have chosen me as their guide on their journey. 

Welcoming: The Warmth that Summer Brings 

Appreciating: A moment to myself to breathe

Noticing:  The changes that take place all around me.

Wishing: Peace among the chaos

Eating: Fresh summer food from the Market each week. 

Counting:  Each and every hug and kiss

Feeling:  Blessed

Listening: To the rhythm  of my soul

Thinking: I haven't written much, I need to write and share more.  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moments for Everyone

We have been spending this week relaxing and recovering from our weekend at Kempenfest.  It was a great weekend and we enjoyed almost every minute of it.  The high winds made for a shaky tent that of course makes me nervous but this is only because of last years tent blowing over.  With cinder blocks and long pegs, the boys assured me that even Dorothy and her Tornado wouldn't move this tent!!  
This weekend was my second time at Kempenfest and it was really great to be there a second year in a row and have people coming back and looking for you.  It gives you this sense of pride that someone bought my piece last year and has loved and cherished it so much they are looking for more.  A reminder that I am doing what I was meant to do.  The energy that I get from people is amazing and I am looking forward to give that energy into my work as I prepare for the next show.  

The weekend was also amazing for my two boys at home.  They where able to spend some much needed time together.  They have been having a difficult time together as of late as they try to figure out the relationship between the two of them.  They have similar personalities and there for have been clashing.  Some would think that there shouldn't be any clashing as one is the parent and the other the child.  What else is there to workout?  We strongly feel that there is much to be figured out.  Sam is a person and therefore has a say in who he is and the things that he does.  Why should I treat him as though he is less than me and that I am the boss.  He probably knows more than I think that I do and lives in each and every moment.  He should be really teaching me rather than the other way around.  After a day playing and being together Sam pulled on Paul's arm bringing him down to his level and said to him that it was a great day playing outside and that he loved him.   Paul teared up and said he loved him too.  While I was not here to witness this special moment between them, the way Paul told it to me that night, I knew it was a moment that the two of them will hold dear.  

On a crafty note; here is one finished sock of the Jaywalker pattern.  What an easy and amazing pattern.  The yarn I used was the Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock yarn and it is amazing!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Weekend

We are at Kempenfest this weekend enjoying the sun, people and selling stuff!  Come on out and join us for a great time and amazing art and crafts!  Here's to good sales this weekend.