Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving a little to gain a lot

I am going to miss these quiet mornings and moments together. Laying in bed nursing with the morning light shining on us.   It is the perfect vantage point in which to see a daily miracle moment.  
We will now have to add your brother into our mornings. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is a rainy Wednesday morning and we are babysitting our 'team' puppy.  If you have not heard yes my Mom got a puppy that we are sharing as a family puppy.  This means that we are the official dog sitters when she is away and on long meeting days.  
In case anyone is considering getting a puppy with an infant I strongly urge you to rethink this thought.  Today will be our second time watching the dog (who's nam
e is Sydney) by myself while everyone else is at work.  I am hoping that it goes better than the first.  Sam LOVES the puppy and therefore is constantly chasing her around the house and trying to pick her up, the dog of course runs and then runs into things along with barking in what I am not too sure is excitement or fear!  The dog gets upset I ask Sam to stop chasing her and then he gets upset and he cries.  
The dog LOVES Lily which means that I have to keep an eye out to make sure that the dog is not jumping onto Lily and when I put her in the seat the dog jumps on up.  
Then of course there is the training.  Taking her outside f
requently and stopping her from chewing.  Every time I take her outside (in this rain) she runs right back to the door as she doesn't like getting wet.  I just get Lily back to sleep and the dog is looking for a spot in the house to pee.  I either wake Lily getting up to take the dog out or wake her up yelling at the dog not to pee!!

I usually can't wait for Paul to get home! 
But hey she is so darn cute I say yes  every time Mom asks me to watch her.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Begins with Color: Happiness

Erin's theme this week was to capture happiness.  It was something that made be ponder and think about how to capture such a thing in a photo.  For me it is a feeling and so how do I show a feeling or emotion.   I thought that it was going to stump me and I would have nothing to show.  But of course everything is presented if you are open to seeing it there.  On our rainy drive out to Nana and Papa's for dinner Lily fell asleep in the van and so when we got there everyone rushed inside to get out of the rain and to see Nana and Papa who just got back from a trip to the Yukon.  I feeling like Lily had not gotten enough sleep that day decided to stay in the car with her while she continued to sleep.  Ah..... what a peaceful and enjoyable hour that was.  It was silent and golden.  I knitted and read the latest issue of Mothering enjoying my time to myself without crying babies and yelling toddlers.  It was at the moment that I thought, this is happiness.  A moment to myself admits the chaos and craziness of the day.  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Getaway

We spent the weekend at the Auntie's House.  It was nice to get away and pretending to relax.  My mind is always racing with the things that need to get done at home.    We back and trying to get things organized.  Only two more weeks until the next show as well as Sam's last two weeks at Day Care.   So for now we enjoyed the time with the Aunties 

Everyone has their place 
Lily Sleeps
One Auntie Relaxes and cares for us.
The other Auntie puts the worms on the hooks and take the fishes off!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Being Reminded

This week I have been teaching a summer camp.  Each of the students are here for a different reason and I am totally supporting and embracing each of the things that they getting from the week.  I on the other hand am trying to struggle with the teaching aspect of it.  If nothing else it reminds me that I am not ready to be teaching full time hours.  It is only Wednesday and I am already very tired, cranky and feeling like I am getting nothing done (the laundry is still waiting for me in the basement, calling out to be cleaned so that it can be loved again)  I think to myself that I should be happy that people want to be learn from me and be in my space and of course there is always the money.  But why am I so worried about the money?  Why does it have to be something that we focus on all the time?  As though making TONS of money will really buy us all that happiness.  In reality I am happier when I only have a few students, teaching part time and enjoying my family.  Maybe it took this week of full time teaching to realize that.  That cutting down my times while Lily is small is what I wanted and better yet needed.  

I was reading the post the other day over at Crunchy Cursive and think that we too have chosen a life that many do not understand.  What she wrote touched me and made me think it is o.k.  That I am not crazy to want to be living this life.  The "Starving Artist", the Authentic Life, the Mother that I feel will be one of worth for my child to see and model against.  What does a child have to model against when for many they see their parents for only a few moments a day over hurried meals and rushed activities?  I want my children to remember the smell of baking bread, the feel of strawberries between their fingers as we made Jam together,  the sense of calm as we felt and floated through the day rather than rushed.  I want them to remember a woman who loved what she did, and followed her dreams and loved with all her heart and might.  Why is it that I am considered someone that is taking this risk in life when it feels like the safest choice?  

Almost everyday I try and remind myself to let it go and follow that feeling deep inside that is telling me that I am doing what is best for me and my family.  That while others may not understand that we do and that it all that matters. 

So here is to choosing the life that calms that waters of your soul and makes you breathe..... Ah!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sam went with Gramma for the weekend to the cottage and thus we had a weekend to ourselves (well Lily was here, she doesn't go far from Momma)  It was so strange to have him without us.  A sense of enjoying it yet missing him and feeling guilty about enjoying the time away.   It was quieter and mess chaos, which I enjoyed.  We puttered around the house getting lots of small jobs done as we could trade off, one watching Lily while the other worked and back and forth.  Usually we each have a child and therefore no one is getting any work done.  The dust I cleaned in the house this weekend was crazy!!  

Having quiet time also meant that I was able to create in a different space and allowed for new creations in the works.  I am having a calling to felt for some reason and therefore having been crawling all over the Purl Bee blog.  I have a list now of projects to get done.  I am excited about getting to work  on these new things.  

I am not feeling all the motivated about potting as of late.  I am assuming that it is all part of show season.  Being out there selling and sometimes not getting much in return makes it difficult to be inspired to create new things when the stuff you have may or may not be selling.  I also don't want to make too much stuff in fear that I won't sell it and then I will have over stock that I will feel like I have to either sell or throw away before having the space to create new.  What a silly thought.  I should be stocking up for when I make it big and I can't make enough pottery to meet the demand.  Ah.... the dreams I have.  

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Science Adventure

Yesterday we decided to tackle the adventure of the Ontario Science Centre.  It was a somewhat cool day and thought that being outside was not going to be enjoyable.  So, off we went.  
For all those with small children who think that this might be a good idea and an enjoyable time.  Think again...... A mid-weekday in the summer is not the ideal time to be going with your child.  There was TONS of camps there and so therefore lots of chaos.  I am all for free play but it was crazy.  With kids running everywhere with little supervision.  

Sam was able to do a few things but most of it was too old for him and those things for him where being played with by older children and he was unable to participate.  

Despite that we were able to see a few things and now know that we will wait a few years before going back.  I am thinking that sticking with the quiet activities like Strawberry Picking is more our style and pace.  With only a few weeks left we will be out again this weekend, getting our fill of berries.  Can you ever eat too many berries??

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We are 4 months old this week.  We have found our voice and your hands.  So we are hearing lots of "singing" from Lily as she loves to hear herself talk.  These songs are muffled by her hands in her mouth all the time!  I love watching her grow and get to know this beautiful girl in my life. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are here in Kingston enjoying a visit with my Dad as well as preparing for a show here. I am excited to be doing my first show out of the hometown region and appealing to a new crowd. We got the tent all set up in the nick of time before it started to rain again. Lily was great during set-up laying on a blanket and watching us get everything organized. We are hoping for beautiful weather the rest of the weekend and great sales.

We are enjoying our time here as I love Kingston and the spot that my Dad has. Sam is off camping with Grampa and Gigi and I am sure is having a great time. I realized tonight that it the longest I have been without my little guy since he was born. Wow! Almost three years old and he hasn't spent more than a night away from me. I am sure it that it much more difficult for me rather than him! He couldn't wait for Grampa to get the truck packed and out the drive way!