Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Colors of the Season

With the spring shows just around the corner it is time to start the creations for this year.  For many I am sure that this has already been done and are well into production mode.  I on the other hand was busy making and birthing a beautiful babe and so am just getting my create energy back and craving being in the studio.

I have been making lots of new designs and stepping out of the box from last years just make pots and put color on it theory.  So I am in the process of deciding what color scheme to go with this year.  I have a few colors that I am loving from the Spectrum line but they are mostly dark and therefore I feel like I should be throwing a few lighter colors in.  Even though I know that for display it will look great, but people will but the darker colors anyway.  Maybe I should just throw in a few display props to lighten it up, and save the pieces for selling!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Thunder

Today was another hot one. After the weekend thundershowers the heat is back up. The heat and thundershowers is a tell tale sight that the warm weather is here to stay. As much as Sam was scared of the thunder, there is something amazing about nature.

One of the things that we discovered with the warm weather is just how cool the studio is going to be this summer. The basement while a little darker at times it will be worth it in August in the heat when the studio is nice a cool!!

People will love coming to pottery class on those hot nights! Well that is what I am hoping anyway.

Starting to organize the shows and workshops, not too sure how to split them up. More shows or more workshops? Trying to figure out the numbers. As well as what to I WANT to do more.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Smells like Spring

Today was the most beautiful day.  While I did have to get up early to teach the children's class for 8:45am it was a welcomed start to the day.  The children's classes are at times one of the best ones to teach.  The kids are not bound to perfect like the rest of us.  They are just excited that Mom and Dad have encouraged them to take up something that allows them to get dirty!!  

It was a hot day here that ended with thunder showers.  The rain is a relief after such a warm day.  The boys were running around pulling things in and closing windows as Sam stood around and was scared by the thunder and rushing.  We tried to explain the rain, but he was more concerned about Uncle Jon's Computer getting wet!  So not to scared really.  

After the rain there was that really great smell.  I looked at the boys and asked; "You know what that smell is?"  Everyone answered Spring!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to the Beginning of Something

There has been a chain of events that lead to the creation of this space.  Some have been in the making for years while others are only in the past few months and weeks.  At the same time how to the identify which ones lead to this?  

When I first created the blog I was unsure what it was for, what I would write, and frankly who would read it.  Maybe I would just write and post out into the world for nothing else then for my own therapeutic means.  A way for me to work through and process this idea of mindful and authentic parenting as well as being a creative soul and making a living at both.  Both are huge endeavors and need lots of thinking and writing through.  

The pregnancies and births of my children (Samuel; 2 and Liliana; 7 weeks) have been foundations of great and moveable change for me.  Sam launched me into parenthood blind and scared.  He rocked everything that I thought I understood and believed in.  All my relationships and most importantly my relationship with myself and the world around me.   Lily has taken me a whole step forward into something else completely.  

The new forward step began with receiving Mothering as a christmas present.  The first issue that I received was about crafty mama's.  Well it was as though the cover screamed my name.  inside I find women who are doing what I am so desperately trying to do.  Live as artists and mothers all at the same time and finding a beautiful balance.  I am taken by Amanda Blake Soule and purchase her book The Creative Family and devour it. I begin reading her blog each and everyday inspired more and more by what she says and lives each day.  I realize the there is this longing inside to move forward in me as a mother, woman, and artist.  I feel as though these things are not in balance, thus not creating balance in my life as well as the life of the family.  

Thus I am currently here; wading around in my thoughts and information.  Trying to create balance and be the creative mother, woman and soul that I feel so strongly to be.   Therefore I am devoting this year to finding it, striving for it and manifesting it.  While I also enjoy it, treasure it, and embrace it.  

Whatever IT may be