Monday, December 14, 2009

Success and Stress

Is is bad that I am totally overwhelmed with my success?  Or is is bad that I didn't think that I would be this successful?

Maybe I should be prepared for success in 2010.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Shipping

After the snow yesterday and a busy weekend on Etsy we made the trek to the Post Office to send out the yarn bowls to those awaiting Christmas presents.  Baby on back and toddler through the snow off we went.

I feel like I should have put a little red nose on him (we did have rosy cheeks after the walk with the wind)

It was an amazing feeling to drop all the boxes at the post and wish them well on their way.  I still have a few here that need to be packed up, so we will make the trek again tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow

Today marked the first snow fall of the year.  There was much excitement as we awoke to a landscape covered in a blanket of white.  We have yet to venture out as it seems to be a wet and windy snow and Lily I was afraid would be too cold, and we have not gotten our winter boots yet (Christmas at Grampa and Gigi's next weekend)

We have therefore been inside keeping warm and watching the  snowplows go by.  I stop and think that this will be the next several months for me.  Inside all day and I am a little scared at this thought.

Three has proven to be a challenge for us.  While there is much understand as to what Sam is going through with transitions, growth and a new little sister this understanding is difficult to find when he is yelling and hitting me after I have asked him to do a simple thing such as tidy up the toys.  I find myself having to walk away a lot and sit in the bathroom count to 10 and re-emerge hoping to be able to deal with the situation.  Lily all the while watches and wonders.  I sometimes think is this something that I am creating?  Or is this just three?  When will this pass and will I make it?  When all else fails I throw in Toy Story or Cars and there is calmness again.   I have these really great plans to make stuff with them and be interactive and yet he would be much happier watching TV.  How am I ever going to break the cycle?

With Lily napping again, I am going to try and talk some outside snow play.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Moments

Lily enjoying the walk to get our christmas tree.  She sure does love the backpack carrier.

Running my first 5 km race.  I am in there in the blue.  Can you see me?

Daddy and Sam at the Family Christmas Skate.  Daddy tired to show Sam how to walk on the ice, but he said that was too slow and that he wanted to be pushed around.  Sorry about Daddy's sore back :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Check me Out!

Check me and my yarn bowls out over on Apples for Poppy Anne.

Been away visiting family.  So great to reconnect.

Off to Christmas shop this weekend at the One of a Kind Show.  Such amazing things there.

Will tell of all my finds.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Brother's Birthday!

Today is my little brother's birthday.  The big cat is 26 years old.  It is a strange feeling to have your younger sibling getting older as it means that they really are no longer your "little" brother.  He has been living with us for almost two years and it is an experience that I wouldn't change for anything.  To be able to live with him has allowed us to become closer than we already where.  Before coming to live with us he was living in Ottawa away from the rest of us and the separation that I felt was something that at times I found difficult.  Growing up was just the three of us (Mom, He and I) and when he moved away to school I felt that we grew apart as he now had this different life away from us.  He always refers to his time in Ottawa as his 'successful runaway', a time I knew he needed to create a life and find the person that he was outside of us.  When he decided to come home, Paul and I opened our arms and doors to have him stay with us.

I am so grateful for the time that he has been with us.  The relationships that he has with the kids is amazing!  Sam loves his Uncle Ton and in those first few weeks after Lily was born he bounced on the ball to stop her from crying when I was sure I couldn't do it another moment.  The spirit and energy that he brings to our home is amazing.

With only the two of us I think that he and I have a special bond that is unlike anything else that either of us will ever have.  He stood next to me as my bestmaid at our wedding and he stands next to me everyday.  He is my best friend and I am so blessed to have him in my life and the life of my children!

Happy Birthday Buddy!