Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Sewing treat for ME

For quite sometime I had been 'stocking' Fresh Squeezed Fabrics.  I was on their shop all the time looking at fabric imagining what they would look like on me.  What would I make with them?  Then thinking the bigger picture of could I actually sew something that I could wear?  I was sewing for the kids, but what was different, they are smaller and love everything, regardless of whether it fits or not.

Finally during a sale I took the plunge and ordered enough fabric to make this wrap skirt as well as a summer tunic style top.  Above is the results of the skirt.  I LOVE IT!!  It was super easy to sew, the instructions where well written and I even taught myself something new.

Next is the tunic top and I almost have all the fabric cut out.  Now I just need a few hours in my sewing/office/studio/storage room.   

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