Thursday, January 27, 2011

Count Down Knitting

When I was entering the last part of my pregnancy with Lily I decided to knit a blanket to count down the weeks until she arrived.  I figured it was a good thing to do as there was 24 squares that needed to be done and only about 12 weeks until she was due. It was amazing and filled the time well and in the end I had a blanket for her and I to snuggle under.  
This time I have decided to something similar to pass the time.  I have just hit the half way mark at 20 weeks.  So 19 more weeks to go!  I always find it difficult when people are excited in saying Wow you are half way it will be soon now.  All I can think is 20 more weeks is still a long ways off.  
This week I cast on a few more projects for a total of 9 projects on the needles.  This is completing one project every two weeks until the little guy arrives.  Many of the projects are for him with a few for me afterwards.  Some require more concentration than others, so there is the ones I knit at the park while watching the kids at the same time and there are the ones that I knit is the quiet after they have gone to bed.  Inspired by Amanda at SouleMama as well as making Paul happy I have used almost everything from my stash. 
So here is are the projects. 
(all of the pictures are from Ravelry as all my projects are in the beginning or casting on stages.)
 Thrum Mittens.  Basically I am tired of my hands being cold in the winter!  Enough Said. It is the Fleece Artist Thrum Mitten Kit.
 Pebble Vest.  With being a June babe, I think a little vest to put over a short sleeve onesie will keep in the right amount of body heat.  I am using the Mini Mochi with two strands held together.  
 Kangaroo Tunic.  Doesn't this look snuggly after Baby.  For a few cool nights.  I am using the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick and leaving out the pocket in the front.  I will have enough adage there after baby without a pocket.
 Vintage Baby Vest.  This is the first think I casted on a few weeks ago.  What a great little shirt for a summer babe.  I am using the Koigu Handpainted yarn.
 Kayla Shrug. This is for me afterwards.  A simple shrug what will be in a beautiful mustard yellow for summer.  Done in the Americo Prima Cotton.
 Bloom Doll Dress.  A matching doll dress for Lily's Birthday.  I made a big girl dress for Lily for her birthday last year.  I am using Katia Linen.
 Baby Sophisticate. Love, Love Love this sweater.  I have knit it a few times in the past for friend little ones and it knits up quick and it comfy and cozy to wear.  My little one will snuggle up in this.  I am using the Manos Maxima.
 Mara Shawl.  This is a total guilty pleasure for me.  I was in the yarn shop loved the yarn and the sample and just want to have this yarn around my neck.  I can also wrap it around me on those cooler spring mornings.  I am using the Manos Maxima.
Pixie Hat.  o.k. is this not the cutest little hat you have ever seen.  Yup, my little guy needs one of these.  I am using the Noro Sekku with two strands held together.  It may only fit for a few weeks but the cuteness involved is worth it.

I know that I may have bitten off more than I can knit but I am excited to have a little bit of a challenge to get me through the next few months.  As if taking care of the 4 and 2 year olds, the pottery production and studio closure isn't enough already!

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