Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pregnancy and Cookies

I think the excitement of hitting the half way mark in my pregnancy is starting to wear off.  When we hit 20 weeks there was this mini celebration of realizing that we are half way there.   Now two weeks later we are realizing that there is still much time left, 17 weeks 5 days to exact.
I have been thinking that when I was pregnant with my first there was so much stuff to figure out and get ready that we probably needed the 9 months to prepare.  When I was pregnant with the second I had so much inner work to do that again I probably needed the 9 months.  This time I feel like what am I to do with all these months of 'preparation'.  I know that the little peanut inside needs this time to grow but don't you think that there should be some pass when it is your third time or more.  Third time or more and your pregnancy is only 6 months.  You and your body have done this before you have a routine.  Kind of like baking cookies, after a while you don't have to look at the recipe, and you are able quickly put everything together and great cookies come out every time!  Now I know I am comparing pregnancy to cookies, but I think you get what I am saying.  The more you do it the less prep time.
Cookies..... (Mmmm) maybe I will bake cookies today.

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Leanne said...

Ha! So true. I think 10 weeks should be taken off of each subsequent pregnancy because I most certainly felt cooked by 30 weeks with my second. My body was like "Come on already, let's do this!" Aren't these poor second, third, fourth babies so rushed with everything? Be born already! Sleep through the night already! Sit up already! Play with your big sib already! Poor babies... good thing they do life on their own time, not ours :)