Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

Today we left the house for a short and quick trip to the strawberry field.  I have been snuggled up in bed with this new bundle of amazement and have been dreaming of strawberries since my first taste of the season at last weeks market.  
So before the rain hit we quickly went over to the strawberry patch.  This year was Lily's first year picking and she was so excited.  After filling her little basket she moved on to daisy picking and of course we all got one stuck in our hair. For a brief moment I saw the years ahead of us of picking strawberries each spring and how next year Ben will be sitting between the rows. We picked a small amount to satisfy the senses but I am sure I will be back before the season is over.  I just want to eat berries until I am drunk with their sweet taste! 

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