Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends, Food, Farm, and Renewal

Friday was Canada Day and therefore means a long weekend for us.  While many are very patriotic and celebrate Canada's Birthday for us it just means that our crazy neighbours are going to set off fireworks into the wee hours of the night.  Not so great when you have little kids and a 3 week old.  
So with an invite to visit a friends newly purchased farm we jumped at the chance to not be home.  Plus I had not seen said close friend since she had moved and therefore she had not had the chance to meet our newest addition. 
On our drive north we came across this beautiful yellow field.  It was truly amazing. The brightest of yellows against the bluest of skies.  We didn't pull over to take a picture for fear of waking Ben, so I snapped this shot while we drive past.    
Now my friend has been waiting for this new farm for sometime.  There was lots of anticipation and stress leading up to the purchase and move.  She was so confident in her dream coming true that she had the house all packed and lived on only the essentials for more than a month before the purchase. She was living her belief.
It was truly amazing to pull into the drive of her dream.  To see her come running out the door of her new farm house with a smile like I have never seen.  She was relaxed, calm, happy and really floating on a cloud.  Her new home was beautiful and the energy and feeling you felt was something I had not felt before, it was the feeling of a home, a place were a family truly lived a life before and a place were a family was going to create a life now.
We ate and shared, laughed and listened, and I soaked up the Mama, sisterhood, and womanly energy from my friends.  It was one of the longest times out since my birth and I had been apprehensive, in the end I felt energized. I had been feeling lonely and de-pleated trying to do what I felt was the right thing for my new babe even though at times I felt it wasn't the right thing for me. These beautiful woman helped me to remember that what I am doing right now is very important work and even though it is my third time I still need special care and it is o.k. that I think about it, ask for it, and accept the care and love.  

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sings26 said...

I have to agree with my daughter.. this is a beautiful piece of writing. I am so glad to know you felt surrounded and supported on your visit to the farm...It is a wonderful spot on so many levels.

Your friend's mom